Image Sizes

Event Banner - Best width of 850px by height of 315px
Event Logo - Best width of 300px by height of 300px
Event Sponsor by - Placed on certificates, best width of 850px by height of 200px
Sponsor Banner - "banner logo" Best width of 600px by height of 200px
Sponsor Logo - "square logo" Best width of 300px by height of 300px


Super Class - is a group of classes. (optional) examples are Chevy, Mopar, Ford or Motorcycle.
Class - is what a car "item" will register in. Examples are Sport, Cruiser and Goldwing grouped by super class Motorcycle.
Categories - Is what is being judged on a scale from 1 to 10. Examples are Paint, Creativity, Craftsmanship, Overall Visual Impact.
Each class can have different categories.


  • Register for an Event
  • Create an account This will send a verification email.
  • log in
  • Then, go to the event page. (Event Example)
  • Your car will be in a pull menu next to the class. Then click the add to cart.
    Go to cart and checkout. This will email you a verification email.
  • Your car will show up on the event┬ápage. (Event Example)

Work Flow

  • Before Event
  • create an event on Event and Judge
  • Assign/Create Classes
  • Assign/Create Sponsor levels
  • Mail in registrations
  • Enter mail in registrations
  • Assign Judges and Runners
  • Day Before Event
  • Printing Blank QR sheets
  • Printing Registered QR sheets
  • Printing paper ballots
  • Day Of Event
  • Entering paper ballots
  • Registration - People fill out, enter blank, take money, modify registration
  • Runners - Scan QR, Picture and GPS
  • Judges - Scan QR and save
  • People's Choice - Scan QR and save
  • Results - Monitor Judges, Monitor People's Choice
  • Certificates - Judges, People's Choice, Participation
  • Finance Report

Create an Event

Add existing item to an event

Importance of class sponsorship