About Event and Judge

Event and Judge is a web application that makes events with judging simple. Initially it was developed solely with car shows in mind, but as the project grew foresight grew in that it could be useful for any event where judging is critical.

Event and Judge is software that allows creation of an event, which is then hosted on our website. From there, people can register for the event online, add an item, such as a car, to the show (or the event coordinator can add them manually). On the event webpage, anyone can view all items that are registered and what class they are registered in. Event and Judge can handle numerous classes with numerous categories that are being judged.

The best part is that Event and Judge can be totally free to use! Event and Judge only generate income from a small fee for online registration. This fee is only collected if there is a registration cost for the event. If the event is free, online registration is also free. If all registration fees are collected manually by the event coordinator in the form of checks or cash, Event and Judge does not collect a fee for those items.

The usefulness of using our software really comes to light when the event includes judging. The judges will log in with their own user account and be able see the items they are responsible for judging. Event and Judge also includes GPS functionality to tag each item (i.e. car) with a GPS location with a smart phone. If an item is tagged with a GPS then the judges will see map on their phone populated with un-judged item markers. The judges will see a list of items organized by class with the scores they have already given for each item. As items are judged, they are removed from each judge's map. This makes it easy to find the items (or cars) that still need to be judged. If there are multiple judges, they each have their own judging list that is independent from the other, the scores do not get mixed up.

Event and Judge was made to shine when a show has multiple classes with multiple judging categories in each class. It can also handle if a item (or car) wants to pay for 2 or more register fees and enter 2 or more different classes. The categories for scoring in each class can be anything, so they can easily be set to: engine, body, wheels, and overall visual impact. The event coordinator has access to all registered items and can view a table with each judge's score and where the car is currently ranked in each class.

Once the event coordinator sees that all judges are done scoring every item (or car) in a class, the coordinator can start printing class winning certificates that are generated by the web application. The certificates will contain a picture that was taken during the show, the event title, the class the item was registered for, the items owner name, the event logo and sponsor logos.

Event and Judge can also be hired for a fee to handle all event registration, payment processing, judging, and printing class winner certificates.


Event and Judge is owned by a Christian, Husband and Father.


Summer of 2016 - Event and Judge was founded by two Oklahoma State University Alumni.

Fall of 2016 - Event and Judge decided to keep the 2016 Stillwater Car Show going and by using smart phones and their web app instead of paper for the judging.

Spring of 2017 - Event and Judge updated the software for better flow, incorporating new features such as: automated class winner certificates, GPS location, and event images.

Fall of 2017 - Event and Judge hosted the 2017 Stillwater Car and Bike show. They enjoyed the hosting the car show, but realized that they are software developers, not event coordinators.

Spring of 2018 - Event and Judge continued to incorporate new features into the service.

Spring of 2019 - Mike became the sole owner of Event and Judge.

Fall of 2019 - Event and Judge worked with Stillwater Antique Classic Car Club and Tim's Body Worx on their yearly car show.

Spring of 2020 - Event and Judge started working on the smart phone app.

Fall of 2020 - Event and Judge worked with Stillwater Antique Classic Car Club and Tim's Body Worx on their yearly car show.