Host an event, don't get buried in details

We provide a simple process for creating an event, and give you the options to include features that you need: Payment processing, Categories and Judging, Event Sponsors and Vendors. You can have an event created in minutes, freeing up time to focus on what matters most.

Save Time & Simplify Judging

Powerful event administration, simplified judging. Include what you need: Judging, Payment, Vendors, Sponsors.

Hosted Event Page

Once the event is created, we host the event webpage and provide a link to share for registration. All for free!

Easy to Create Events

Just enter in the event info and categories, and you can have an event live in minutes.

Unlimited possibilities

Host a chili cook-off with neighbors, family vote for favorite Hot wheel, anything you can imagine(within reason :) )!

Judge with Mobile Devices

Using a mobile phone, judges can simply scan QR code to populate a judging sheet. No need to know which category, we take care of it for you.

Free event

Create an event for free! We only make money if you make money (online registration).